Heron's Eye Communications is a marketing, publishing and project management firm dedicated to delivering your message, clearly and in your distinct voice.

Our goal is to create strong community partnerships that foster a healthy environment, desirable quality of life and sustainable local economy.
"We needed someone to bring knowledge, sensitivity and heart to the human stories we wanted to tell."
Great blue heron landing on a swampy lake in Pike County PA in NEPA along the Upper Delaware River depicting cause marketing, targeted campaigns and conservation, environmental messaging.

Further Your Cause

While you're on the front lines, making strides toward a more sustainable future, you need someone who's got your back—a marketing partner with experience in the field.
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Heron's Eye Communications presented a workshop to the PA Land Trust Association on the power of story and organizational narrative. Enjoy this digital photo.

Share Your Story

Non-profits, social enterprises and small businesses do great work. Limited resources make it a challenge to share your success. Starting with a powerful message is key.
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Rare sundew plant on a Pike County PA pond near Monroe County Pennsylvania in a swamp bog photographed while kayaking.

Wonder Watch with Us

We all wander past wonders every day of our lives, whether or not we notice. Join us as we share images of inspiring and evocative moments we’ve experienced out there.
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