A screenshot of the Clear Choices Clean Water My Delaware River website.

Clear Choices Clean Water

People in the Delaware River Watershed showed their support for water conservation by taking a quick and easy online pledge to help protect lakes, rivers and streams from pollution.

The pledge was part of an online educational resource called Clear Choices Clean Water: My Delaware River, an easy-to-use interactive website with suggestions everyone can implement to conserve water.

Those who pledged “put themselves on the map” to see the impact of their actions on nearby rivers and streams, and to see what actions their neighbors were taking to protect clean water.

Working in partnership with the Delaware Highlands Conservancy land trust, Heron’s Eye:

  • Handled social media outreach to increase pledges.
  • Executed a pre-established editorial calendar.
  • Used engaging original and provided content.
  • Shared partner content.
  • Provided public relations services.
  • Generated hundreds of pledges during early 2016.
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Photo of the Gloucester Knitting Nannas Against Gas participating in The Ground Beneath Our Hearts.

Ground Beneath Our Hearts

People around the world participated in a global spectacle on Saturday, September 12, 2015 to honor the creativity, dignity and resilience of communities affected by mining and oil and gas development. The Ground Beneath Our Hearts included acts of art and ceremony to celebrate the human spirit and love of place.

The event’s founder, author Trebbe Johnson of Radical Joy for Hard Times, enlisted Heron’s Eye to handle social media and public relations. “What Sandy and Krista bring to their work is not just superior-quality writing and photography, but real commitment to the project itself,” said Johnson. “I cannot imagine any team working with more integrity, professionalism and creativity.”

  • Heron’s Eye established and managed content for The Ground Beneath Our Hearts’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Curated the hashtag #HeartGround.
  • Funneled event-day content from communities around the world onto all social media channels in real time.
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Photo by Sandy Long of NACL Theatre's The Weather Project. Heron's Eye Communications provided social media and public relations services.

The Weather Project

NACL Theatre’s The Weather Project was a year-long community collaboration culminating in a massive outdoor performance, which followed a group of inquisitive young science students on a Wizard of Oz-like journey to a land where folks are feeling the deep effects of climate change, and the solution is perhaps one of the simplest.

Throughout planning and rehearsals, NACL needed to engage people in a dialogue about climate change and keep them updated on development of the performance.

  • Heron’s Eye established Facebook and Twitter accounts for The Weather Project.
  • Built a social media following.
  • Populated social media channels with engaging content.
  • Curated the online dialogue.
  • Implemented a public relations campaign to promote the performance.
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