About Us

Heron’s Eye Communications is a social media, public relations and project management firm founded in 2006 by writers Krista Gromalski and Sandy Long—whose collaborative efforts began in the early 1990s. Their pre-Heron’s Eye work included involvement in establishing community advocacy groups such as Northeast Pennsylvania Women in Higher Education and The Alliance to Keep Pike Green.

In 2005, the team’s message development and strategizing skills were honed as Campaign Manager and Volunteer Coordinator for Pike County’s successful Vote to Keep Pike Green ballot initiative, which resulted in passage of a $10-million Scenic Rural Character Preservation bond.

In 2008 Heron’s Eye was awarded a Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence for work on the public television documentary Nature’s Keepers: A Community of Conservationists.

Since that time Heron’s Eye has grown to serve like-minded businesses within such fields as conservation, hospitality, retail, investing and rustic home decor. The firm has remained a  key content marketing partner to nonprofits, government organizations and businesses.

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