Crone Power! Profiles of Inspiring Older Women

Crone Power! Profiles of Inspiring Older Women

We are huge fans of books—and reading—at Heron’s Eye Communications. So when a truly remarkable book comes across our path, we aim to share that news. Such is the recently-released Crone Age by Marcia Nehemiah, who lives and writes in the Upper Delaware River region of Pennsylvania.

Self-published author Marcia Nehemiah reads at the launch party for her new book Crone Age.

Author Marcia Nehemiah reads from Crone Age during a launch event. Photo © Sandy Long

Described as “an honest and insightful examination of what it means to lead an inspired life as an older woman,” the book was born on the brink of Marcia’s 60th birthday as an exploration of the Crone period of women’s lives.

Marcia’s brilliant approach is rooted in her own quest to understand the complex issues of entering the final decades of life. She begins by unraveling the meaning of the word “crone” in today’s society, shedding light on the darker perceptions that have evolved over time.

In the ensuing interviews of eight inspiring regional octogenarians, we come to see that there is much to be said about the joys, challenges, riches and possibilities that remain. Marcia accomplishes this by sharing each crone’s amazing story, while weaving in her responses to the questions it generates for her careful self-reflection.

Not only “an invaluable book for women who seek meaning and vitality in their sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond,” Crone Ageis an excellent resource for anyone entering their later years, and for all of us blessed with crones in our lives. It also strikes us as a particularly valuable tool to engage youth in discussions on aging, and on life, overall.

Digital candid photograph of Crone's Club members celebrating the launch of Crone Age by author Marcia Nehemiah.

A trio of women featured in Crone Age: Grace Johansen, Vera B. Williams and Carol Rocklin.  Photo © Sandy Long

From the exquisite images captured by master portrait photographer, John Rocklin, to the deeply probed questions and possibilities explored in each profile, this small beautiful book will invite you to examine your beliefs about aging, encourage reflection on the remaining days of your own life and fill your heart with hope.

By its final page, Marcia is able to affirm Cervantes, who wrote, “Until death, it is all life.” That she has accomplished such a powerful book at this stage of her own life, is testimony to the potential awaiting us all.

[Shown in the header photo by Sandy Long, from left: Barbara Yeaman, Cecily Fortescue and Grace Johansen].

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