Writing Your Success Story

Writing Your Success Story

Tell your unique success story.

Non-profits, social enterprises and many small businesses do such good work in their communities. Often, however, limited staff and resources keep them from engaging with and sharing their stories with the people most affected by their accomplishments.

This is a common challenge for a number of Pennsylvania’s hard working land trusts, but there are efficient and effective ways to reach your audience and share your success.

Your Success Story

Join Sandy and Krista at the PA Land Conservation Conference on Friday May 4, from 1 – 4 pm, for an interactive session called The Power of Words in Your Work: Writing Your Land Trust’s Success Story. We’ll focus on the fundamentals of communication strategies and implementation, as well as media relations, providing opportunity to further develop your skills through hands-on exercises.

Using your organization’s mission as a guide, you’ll develop concise, consistent and clear messaging for enriching partnerships through your work. Topics will include: educating staff, board and volunteers; tailoring your message to constituencies; making your outreach materials consistent.

  1. Check out some photos of this workshop at the Heron’s Eye Facebook page.

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