Join us for “Talk-Tails” about Weather and Climate

Join us for “Talk-Tails” about Weather and Climate

Is climate change real? Will we melt down or freeze up? Can anything be salvaged or is it time to toss it all away and enjoy the day?

We’ll engage in some intoxicating conversation about the weather and where it’s all headed at Heron’s Eye Communications’ “The Rookery” on Saturday, August 9 at 5pm at the Yulan, NY ball field prior to NACL Theatre’s THE WEATHER PROJECT community play.

THE WEATHER PROJECT is the culmination of a massive community arts and science exploration that included residents, artists and scientists in dialogue about the subject of the weather and climate. The free one-time-only outdoor performance will be held at 6:30pm rain or shine, and is open to the public.

Its cast of more than 30 is comprised of professional actors and community members ages 4 and up, directed by NACL Artistic Director Tannis Kowalchuk. Research Scientist Elaine Matthews of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies portrays the role of the play’s scientist.

“As humans we all need some kind of collective creative experience to be happy and connected. That’s what makes for a successful extended community,” says Kowalchuk.

Prior to the theatrical performance join Heron’s Eye for some creative word play, stream-of-consciousness craziness, co-composed poetry and more. Or catch up with us wandering through the crowd to gather 60-second snippets of weathery reminiscences, obsessive fears of thunder and lightning and everything frightening, prophecies and projections and possibilities.

We’ll record our encounters and later share on social media for all to sip upon as we enter the post-Weather-Project world together…

[Photo © Sandy Long]

  1. Watch the results of our “Talk-Tails” experiment at NACL’s The Weather Project:

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