Upscaling Old Sweaters

Upscaling Old Sweaters

Fiber festivals are filled with fascinating and fabulous things. One of the coolest we’ve come across at the recent Endless Mountains Fiber Festival in Harford, PA is the upscaling work of twins from Delaware.

Twin sisters Julia and Sarah Robinson are good at upscaling old sweaters from yard sales and thrift stores into fine knitting fiber.

Twin sisters Julia and Sarah Robinson repurpose thrift store finds into fine knitting fiber. “We see potential where you see an old sweater,” says Julia.

Julia and Sarah Robinson gather up old sweaters from yard sales and thrift stores.

Julia, a self-described “yarn-a-holic,” sets to work carefully deconstructing their finds, wetting the yarns to take the kinks out, wrapping them around the legs of a table and hanging them to dry in the shower.

Sarah, whose motto is “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are,” selects some of the recycled yarns for the varied items she knits and sells. The rest of the restored yarns are available for purchase. Find their work on Etsy.

Justifiably Julia or Seriously Sarah.

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