The Weather Project

NACL Theatre’s The Weather Project was a year-long community collaboration culminating in a massive outdoor performance, which followed a group of inquisitive young science students on a Wizard of Oz-like journey to a land where folks are feeling the deep effects of climate change, and the solution is perhaps one of the simplest.

Throughout planning and rehearsals, NACL needed to engage people in a dialogue about climate change and keep them updated on development of the performance.

  • Heron’s Eye established Facebook and Twitter accounts for The Weather Project.
  • Built a social media following.
  • Populated social media channels with engaging content.
  • Curated the online dialogue.
  • Implemented a public relations campaign to promote the performance.

The Weather Project was a great success. Artistic Director Tannis Kowalchuk called Heron’s Eye Communications “an invaluable resource in our community,” adding, “Not only do they connect people to people, and projects to projects, but their marketing and social media skills have helped NACL Theatre’s The Weather Project to reach our biggest audience yet.”

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