What is Storify?

What is Storify?

Stories have long been a moving and effective vehicle for communicating ideas or information in a way that is accessible and memorable. Why should things be different in the age of social media?

Facebook’s new Timeline helps users “tell your life story” using features like cover photos and life events. But even beyond that, Storify offers a new level of online engagement called digital media curation.

Though the comic strip character Dilbert may mock it, Storify is a powerful tool for crafting your own unique narrative about a topic, place, person, event, etc. Storify allows you to insert commentary or new information around snippets of posts, comments, tweets, photos or web addresses that you hand-pick from the vast resources existing on the Internet.

When you’re happy with your new story, publish it live online and, if you choose, notify the authors or creators of the snippets you selected, thereby increasing your story’s likelihood of being shared and, if you’re lucky, going viral.

Recently, for example, Heron’s Eye curated a Storify piece about land protection resources in the Upper Delaware River Region, which we’ve embedded below.

We’ll also be talking more about Storify during our upcoming workshop — The Power of Words in Your Work: Writing Your Land Trust’s Success Story — on Friday May 4, from 1 – 4 pm at the PA Land Conservation Conference.

The Storify possibilities are endless! Sign up today, and get started on telling YOUR story to a wider audience.

Here’s a sample…

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