Wonder Watch 2016

Wonder Watch 2016

Wonder Watch 2016 is our continuing social media series of iPhone photos and videos capturing wonder-awakening things we encounter in the natural world.

We hope that it will shine a light, brighten a moment, invite reflection, or simply increase the world’s quota of wonder.

About Wonder Watch 2016

We began sharing images of wonder-awakening things we encountered in the natural world in 2013 through daily Facebook posts. View the photo album here.

In 2014, we continued the series on a weekly basis through a special gallery at SandyLongPhotos.com. View the gallery here.

In 2015, Wonder Watch moved to the Heron’s Eye Instagram page, and was also shared to our other social media feeds like Facebook and Twitter.

Follow us on Instagram to Wonder Watch with us in 2016. Or, search for #WonderWatch to see what’s new.

You can also “like” the Heron’s Eye Facebook page to follow along.

Behind the Lens

Wonder Watch 2016 photo by Sandy Long of pancake ice at Shohola Falls Recreational Area, Pike County, PA.

#WonderWatch 2016-9 Pancakes, Anyone?

All Wonder Watch photos are by Heron’s Eye Co-Founder Sandy Long. The social media series is typically shot on an iPhone 5. Her professional images are shot with Nikon equipment.

Sandy is a photographer of nature and of place. She was selected as the inaugural Artist-in-Residence at Shenandoah National Park in September 2014.

In November 2015, she served as artist in residence at the Delaware Highlands Conservancy’s Lemons Brook Farm.

View more of Sandy’s photography at her official website.

Thanks for joining in the journey!


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