Win a Wonder!

Win a Wonder!

Happy New Year! And thank you for Wonder Watching with us through 2013. We launched Wonder Watch at the beginning of last year as a means of heightening awareness of the beauty that graces our everyday lives.

With the arrival of a new year, we’ll be changing our Wonder Watch schedule from a daily post to a weekly dose of wonder that will appear every Sunday. This will allow us greater attention to the quality of posts and provide the opportunity to make the images available on our new website.

In celebration of 365 days of visual delights, we’ll award a prize to one Wonder Watcher selected at random from all who “enter” the contest by telling us which was your favorite image of 2013 by commenting on this blog post or on the Wonder Watch Facebook album. Please identify the image by its corresponding number.

Winner’s choice will be a coffee mug, mouse pad or 5×7 print featuring their favorite photo (or select a photo from our new website). You can review the year HERE and let us know what you liked best. Voting ends Saturday, January 4. Winner will be announced Sunday.

May 2014 be just as “wonder-ful” as the past year has been. Wishing you great adventures out there, where countless wonders await!

  1. And the ‪Wonder Watch‬ winner is… Heidi Rothstein Finkelberg, who voted for #364! Randomly selected from all entries by our favorite neighbor Edith. Congrats, Heidi! And, thanks to all Wonder Watchers!

  2. So hard to pick just one!But I especially liked the sunsets so I will go with 54.Really liked the colors!

  3. I cast my vote for #310

  4. I cast my vote for Wonder Watch #310

  5. Choosing a Best Heron’s Eye Wonder Watch Photo of 2013 is impossible. Each image has its own beauty, personality, mystery, allure, grandeur … each one has a reason to be in the portfolio and a reason to be designated the best. All we can do is tell you which ones we lingered with a bit longer, maybe even allowed to enter our private chamber of Nature worship and rest on the altar there in tribute to the exquisite infinity that awaits a cherishing eye.

    There were sentimental favorites–images of life forms tragically disappearing from our world. It’s hard not to choose the salamander and the frogs, the butterflies, those many others who will not be known to our children’s children’s children, and for them there should be a special category. Please consider doing a book of those whose lives are being taken because we humans are not coming to our senses quickly enough to save them.

    In the end, I chose #40, the cardinal. He seems to be asking a question, and until I can hear his voice as clearly as my own, our relationship must be kept open. Until I am worthy of his question, then through the agencies of fascination and appreciation, I’ll keep coming back to him, trying a bit harder each time, until finally, I surrender to the great, red wonder he arouses in my soul. Then, we will know the answer together.

    • Thanks for your vote and your meaningful comments, Jeannine. It’s clear that you are keenly tuned in to the beauty of the natural world and both the human potential for harm as well as for stewardship. Let’s hope we keep moving toward the latter.

  6. #364 – I tossed a coin to decide between a dozen of my favorites,,,

  7. Thank you for this display of beauty.

    I saw things here that were new to me, and learned a thing or two from this series. I found Wonder Watch to be progressive, it seemed to really grow as the year went on…perhaps that was the talent or the natural beauty coming alive – or both.

    After a very careful and thoughtful review of all the Wonders, I am torn between two images. I am going to pause – and contemplate which of the two is my favorite Wonder Watch.

    I will place my vote later today.

    Thanks again for all this Wonder…

  8. So many colors, so many mushrooms, so much wildlife, so many good choices……how am I supposed to pick just one?

    Ok, I’ll go with 239. That’ll make a beautiful coffee mug! Yum!
    – Jack

  9. My favorite image is #277—Fall in a photo:)

  10. My favorite image of 2013 is #WonderWatch 364

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